Re: evil desires/lust or lust

Carl W. Conrad (
14 Nov 96 11:19:56 EST

At 3:28 AM -0600 11/14/96, Jakob Heckert wrote:
>If my reading of Ephesians 5:21ff. is correct, submission
>of wives to husbands is 1) voluntary, and 2) follows one's submission
>to Christ. Husbands are called 1) to submit to Christ and 2) to love
>their wives as Christ loved the church, even dying for them. This
>may have something to say about male/female relationships.

Thank you. I'll agree to most of this, but I don't understand how, in the text in question, the submission of wives to husbands is voluntary. My impression is rather that the verbs in question are implicitly imperatives; what has always struck me as odd about this passage is that the obligation to love falls only on the husband, while the wife is to SUBORDINATE HERSELF and (5:33) to FEAR her husband (of course in the same sense that a human being is to stand in "fear of the Lord"--but still there is a considerable hierarchic distinction here). No doubt the pattern in Ephesians is consistently hierarchic: as Christ is the HEAD of the church, so the husband is the HEAD of the wife; the corporeal model of head and body is maintained throughout. I'm inclined (personally) to wonder whether this is consistent with Galatians 3:28. I realize that there are ways in which this may be brought into harmony, depending upon the presuppositions that one brings to bear upon scripture; I can only say
that, speaking only for myself, I find this problematic.