Selfish request from the List Owner.

David John Marotta, (
31 Oct 96 11:53:30 EST


Over the years of running B-GREEK and B-HEBREW, many of you have
expressed your appreciation and thanks for my efforts to gather
such a wonderful collection of scholars and keep the list free
from partisian positions and agendas and based on the mutual
love of the discipline, scholarship, and the pursuit of truth.

Other than the priviledge of being part of the list I haven't
asked for anything from subscribers, but I have a rather selfish
request to make. <smile>

My wife has a collection of signed books, most of them scholarly
and theological. (She is teaching the servant songs from Isaiah
this Winter term. We are a scholarly family!) Many of you on the
list have published some wonderful scholarship! If any of you with
publications to your credit would send me a signed copy of one
of your books it would mean more to me than any monetary
compensation could!

As the saying goes, "When I get some money I buy books, if there is
anything left over I buy food and clothes."

If you do, make the inscription out to my wife. Her name is
"Krisan Marotta" and you should send them to the address below.
I will enjoy them immensely, and she will be surprised at

I debated greatly over making this request through the captive audiance
of the mailling list, but I decided that I liked the scholarship of
those on the list too much to worry about what anyone would think!

Thank you for listening to this shameless request to read more
of your scholarship!

. David John Marotta, UVa (804) 982-3718 (voice)
. Stacey Hall 1105 W. Main St. (804) 296-7209 (fax)
. Charlottesville, VA 22908