Re: "Valley of Humility/Mountains of Conceit"
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 23:57:12 -0500

I have lived virtually all my life in NC and have heard that phrase many
times, but have not heard so much about it. NC was always, and sometimes
still is, an area of non-patricians who sometimes reveal a sense of
inferiority with reference to SC and VA. I would wager that the time has
come and now is when that sentiment is no longer valid. Even with Jesse
Helms et al representing our state there is a nobility abroad in our area.
The blight of racism is one of our curses which Helms et al exploit, but we
are learning and that sense of nobility is somewhere not far around the bend.
This is a good place to live and it is free of much of the hubris that is
inherent in SC and VA. Thanks for the exegesis.