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Subj: RE: KJV Translators preface

Subj: RE: KJV Translators preface

>I recently received an inquiry whether there is currently in print,
>in pamphlet form, an edition of the translators preface to the King
>James Version, which is entitled "The Translators to the Reader." I
>am aware of several Bibles that contain this preface, but I do not
>know of any publishers currently printing it as a separate item (I do
>have a 1982 pamphlet, but I have not yet been able to reach the
>publisher.) I would appreciate any leads on this question. Thanks.

I hope that any answers to this are sent to list. I have a copy of Edgar
John Goodspeed's publication, THE TRANSLATORS TO THE READERS, which
contains (1) Goodspeed's introduction, (2) a transcription of the KJV
introduction in modern typography, and (3) a reduced size facsimile of the
original from a 1611 copy of the Great "He" Bible in the rare book
collection of the University of Chicago Library. But that was published in
the 1930s.
So if there is an edition in print, let us all know. [What would they enter
that under in BOOKS IN PRINT, anyway?]

lent my later printing to a colleague who never returned it.
After ascertaining that it is no longer in print, nor is any
comparable text in print (Books in Print, under "Translators to the Reader"
in the TITLES volumes), I decided not to respond to Randy's inquiry. But
maybe he can get the Goodspeed edition in a second-hand catalog. It was
bound in a rich blue heavy card binding, not quite hardbound but better
than most paperbacks.

Edward Hobbs