Re: The use of the German word "Sondergut" in NT Studies

Jim Oxford (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 15:03:58 -0500

At 2:20 PM 11/16/96, Mr. Timothy T. Dickens wrote:

>Dear Friends at B-Greek,
> Today my question has to do with understanding the German word
>"Sondergut." This term seems to be a technical term in literature dealing
>with NT Studies, "Q" studies in particular. I looked up the word in my
>Cassell's German-English dictionary and found dozens of entries to "Sonder"
>and "Gut," but none to "Sondergut."
>Peace and Love,
>Timothy T. Dickens
>Smyrna, GA


"Sondergut" is a term found frequently in studies on the synoptic Gospels,
best rendered in English as "special material."

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