LXX Deut 32:5

FRED HALTOM (haltom@cbcag.edu)
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:18:41 -0500

The grammar of this passage is difficult because it is a translation
of ancient Hebrew poetry which itself is very difficult. The verse
reads: Hmartosan ouk autw tekna mwmhta genea skolia kai diestrammenh.
"The sinned, (they are) not his children, (they are) blemished, a
generation crooked and perverted."

The dative autw is functioning possessively. This is common in
passages dealing with children as possessions (not a child to him).

There were serveral significant changes from the Hebrew text, but
this translation was excepted as seen in its being quoted in the
LXX Ode 2:5.

Fred Haltom
Associate Prof Christian Ministries
Central Bible College