Re: "Semantic domain", an definition of terms!

Carlton Winbery (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 19:35:37 +0400

Paul Evans wrote;

> A quick question about a term being used frequently on the list of late.
> My 13 year ago Greek classes provided me with an intro. to Koine, and I
> have tried to sharpen my skills by further study. This list, with the
> opportunity to ask, what are undoubtedly, elementary questions, has been
> invaluable. I assume that by the term "Semantic Domain," which is the
> peculiar approach of Louw & Nida according to the posts, one means the
> spectrum or range of meanings a particular word may have.
I would say that the "Semantic Domain" is an area of meaning such as
"emotion" or "feelings." Then is listed under the domain the words that
signify the related meanings.

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