Re: Hebrew Matthew, Re: ANISTHMI & EGEIRW

Stephen C. Carlson (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:35:51 -0500


Thanks for your kind note. I always appreciate your contributions too,
but I'm sure you knew that. In fact, I'm happy with the way you handled
the Timothy Dickins incident. The list in order to maintain its integrity
needs to have its police who have the full respect of the readership. I
really appreciate your efforts in policing the list, even though I'm sure
it is not a very rewarding task. I know -- it is out the highest respect
for you nad Carton Winberry that I keep myself back from monopolizing the
list on my own pet project -- the Synoptic Problem.

Speaking of which, I'm planning on writing a series of essays concerning
the Synoptic Problem, which I will publish to my web page. The first one
is tentatively entitled "The Synoptic Problem is a Literary Question" and
it will demonstrate that the synoptics are indeed literarily interdependent
and will rebut Eta Linnemann's latest book. I have another essay in me
called "The Cogency of Streeter's Fundamental Solution" which will show
what exactly Streeter did prove and didn't prove. (I have a thesis that
explains why Streeter thought his arguments were conclusive.) After
writing them, I plan to announce their availability on the appropriate
lists and ask for comments. We'll see with my new job I'm starting in
December writing software patents how much time I actually get to have
in writing them.

By the way, I recently checked out your page on the N.T. and Early
Christianity. You still have two links to my old account at George
Mason University; you should delete those links. Are you still
following Crosstalk? The list has died down somewhat, but there is
a continuing series on the special Luke material being posted by a
Phil Lewis.


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