Re: hOTI in the beattitudes

Carl W. Conrad (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 07:44:43 -0600

At 8:20 PM -0600 11/21/96, KULIKOVSKY, Andrew wrote:
>Fellow Greeks,
>I don't understand the sense of hOTI in the beattitudes (Matt 5:3-12).
>hOTI is a 'marker of cause or reason based on an evident fact'
>- Louw & Nida in sect. 89.33
>Now if this is the case, what is the casue or reason in the
>The way it is worded it sounds like the meek are blessed by God
>(have His approval and favour) because they will inherit the
>Isn't it the other way round? The meek will inherit the earth
>BECAUSE they are blessed by God.
>Am I understanding this right? With hOTI which phrase is the
>cause of the other???

The hOTI clause--at least when hOTI = "because, for the reason
that"--always explains the preceding assertion; semantically it is
equivalent to a postpositive GAR in the clause that indicates the clause
explains the previous one.

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