Re: Acts 17:25; AUTOS DIDOUS -Reply

Randy Leedy (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 17:04:40 -0500

Carl W. Conrad wrote, in reply to my question whether the grammars
had missed something:

>>>I don't really think so. <snip> Perhaps you are thinking of AUTOS
here as a pronominal subject of DIDOUS? But I think rather that AUTOS
here functions as the intensive pronoun: he does not need anything
that human hands could supply him because he has HIMSELF given all
creatures everything. So I think that we actually have here not a not
altogether uncommon instance of a circumstantial participial usage.

I can buy this. My translation and exegesis would have been exactly
like yours. It had not occurred to me to take the intensive pronoun
as essentially attributive rather than substantival. Certainly the
pronoun could be omitted, leaving DIDOUS to be a plain vanilla causal
participle. Inserting the pronoun just intensifies, as you said, the
subject expressed at the beginning of the sentence. Thanks.

Randy Leedy