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Carlton Winbery (
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Carl Conrad wrote;
>>Chris writes:
>><< I have an example of the 3rd aorist, if you are interested. Gen 43:2.
>> priasthe is 2nd pl, 3 aor middle imperative of oneomai (at least according
>>to my prof, and his correction on my final :-( >>
>I'm at home with fewer resources ready to hand, but I'm inclined to think
>that this is really just a present middle 2 pl. imperative of
>PRIAMAI,"buy." Of course I'd really rather call it "reflexive," equivalent
>to Fr. "s'acheter."
The initial entry in LSJ is
*pria^mai (assumed as Pres.), au=Hsch. 1625.1=lr aor. epri^amn freq. in
Att., supplying aor. of ™neomai, buy; 2sg. epri™ Aristoph. Wasps 1440; 3sg.
epriato IG12.94.22, Ep. priato Hom. Od. 1.430; imper. priaso Aristoph. Ach.
870; pri™ IBID=au=Aristoph. Ach. 34, au=Aristoph. Ach. 35, Eup.1, etc.;
Dor. pria_ Epich.137; subj. pri™mai Aristoph. Ach. 812, 2sg. prii
IDEM=Aristoph. Cl. 614, 3sg. pritai Dem. 18.247, Thphr.Fr.97.3; opt.
priaimn Soph. Ant. 1171, Leg.Gort.6.13, etc.; inf. priasthai IG12.10.5,
Eur. Med. 233, Aristoph. Wasps 253, etc. (priasasthai v.l. in LXXGe.42.10);
part. priamenos Hdt. 1.196, IG12.94.22, Leg.Gort.6.20, etc.:--

It seems that both PRIAMAI and ONEOMAI mean "to buy" and that EPRIAMHN was
more frequent in the aorist. This is an interesting use of the present
impv. for a simple command. I would not see this as "3rd" aorist which I
think generally was applied to what I call "non-thematic" aorist such as

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