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At 05:23 AM 11/27/96 -0600, Bluedorn wrote:
>I've got a low budget. I've been looking for Greek Texts on the Internet.
>I've found a few Greek New Testaments, but everything I've found has no
>Accents. I'm still looking for one with Accents which I can convert to
>WinGreek -- or something similar. My next option is to buy such on CD.

You can get the UBS 3rd CCATT morphological database with accents from:

This contains not only the original text with breathings and accents, it
contains the CCATT parse codes for each word and the root word. It does *not*
contain versification or punctuation, and it does need to be formatted, but
I can give you awk scripts and Winword macros which I have used to convert
it to readable tables. WinGreek didn't work well on this database, but
SGreek works pretty well.

Don't bother with grk.tar.gz, on the same server, which has just the words
without punctuation or breathing.

For a running text with punctuation, go to:

Look for a paragraph which reads:

Nestle-Aland 26th/27th edition, *plain Unix format* or
*Unix format with diacritics and punctuation*.

You want the diacritics and punctuation. This one also works fine with
SGreek, and is much simpler to format - just change the font.

Hope this helps!


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