Re: Luke 2:14 EUDOKIAS and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Cal Redmond (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 19:25:57 -0500

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> At 1:56 PM -0600 11/25/96, Stephen C. Carlson wrote:
> >At 02:04 11/25/96 -0500, Jonathan Robie wrote:
> >>How do I get the Greek text for excerpts from the Dead Sea Scrolls?
> >
> >You generally cannot, aside from a few fragments from Cave 7, because

> >they were written Hebrew.

Just a quick note: while there were a few tiny fragments in Greek from
Cave 7, there were also substantial Greek texts, including some of the
prophets, as well as some paraphrases found in Cave 4. For some
reason, the presence of these Greek MSS is not well known. I have
viewed photocopies of these MSS in the "official" series. They are
interesting! And some of these have been used in attempting to resolve
textual problems in the LXX.

Of course, when I was touring Israel on a 10-day fly-by last year, our
guide told us that there couldn't have been any LXX MSS at Qumran,
because the LXX wasn't written until the second century CE/AD.

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