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Jonathan Robie (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 13:50:49 -0500

At 06:31 PM 11/23/96 -0600, JAMES & WENDY ARMSTRONG wrote:
>Has anyone parsed the verbs in Mark 13.3-36? I am working on a project and
>want to compare.

There are several ways to get parsings for verbs like this. One is to get
the CCATT morphological databases. I originally got mine from:

Another nice source for electronic Greek editions is:

There are several editions that include tense/voice/mood or the CCATT parse
Another easy way to see the parsings for the verbs is to use Nathan Han's "A
Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament, available from Herald Press. This
book parses every verb in the Greek New Testament. (Han's a fellow
Mennonite, so I should push this one ;->)

These days, I tend to use my Bible Companion program, which contains a
morphological database, and which is very convenient to use.

Hope this helps!


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