Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

Jonathan Robie (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 17:00:44 -0500

At 02:39 PM 11/30/96 EST, Mark B. O'Brien wrote:

>This is exactly my point, actually... I have been led to understand that
>the Windows product is not as good as the Mac product, and that is my
>problem. I don't have a Mac, and I have no plans of getting one just so
>I can run the best version of Accordance, which leaves one with big
>decision regarding buying the Windows version of the software, if it is
>indeed second notch...


Gramcord for Windows is better than anything else that I have seen in the
Windows world for searches that involve complex grammatical conditions. It
isn't quite as easy to use as the Mac version, and it doesn't look as good
as the Mac version, and some things are less convenient to use, but it is a
very powerful and good program.

If I had a Mac and a PC I would go with the Mac version, but if I had only a
Windows machine I would have no qualms about buying Gramcord.


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