re: Software for Biblical Studies

Don Wilkins (
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 12:52:56 -0800

Dr. Miller,
I found your recent post very interesting and wanted to follow up on
something you said:
>Incidentally, I could go into some detail about the advantages of
>programming under the Macintosh operating system as opposed to the
>buggy/unstable environments represented by Win3.1 and Win95, but few readers
>of this forum would be interested. (I make the above comparison as someone
>who has programmed primarily under IBM and who works mostly under Windows -- so
>this is not a put-down from a Mac zealot.) Nevertheless, let me say that
>whenever we build a new tool under Windows, we waste a lot of time working
>around Window's limitations and design flaws while the same man-hours put
>into Macintosh development go into NEW features and improvements.

As a Classics prof and program developer I am one who would be very
interested in your comments, particularly because I am developing another
TLG search/browse program on the Mac and plan to eventually port it to
PC's. I realize you may not have time to comment and will understand if
that is the case. For my program I am using Symantec C++ on a Centris 650,
and have read that porting to PC's with Symantec is very easy, but I am
modifying some very low-level procedures (e.g. as scrolling and stream
handling) and I wonder if porting is going to be difficult. If you have the
time, I would appreciate your expanding on the comments you made.

Dr. Don Wilkins
UC Riverside

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside