Re: Looking for a good 2nd year Greek Grammar

Mike Luper (
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 15:26:49 -0800

Knox Mike wrote:
> Fellow B-Greekers,
> I am just finishing Mounce's BBG and am looking for a good intermediate
> (2nd year) Greek Grammar. Can any of you provide any recommendations? I am
> pursuing a self-study course (in my limited spare time), so I am looking for
> a practical book with good examples.
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael Knox


I was trained using Dana and Mantey (_A Manual Grammar of the Greek
NT_), and have taught second year Greek in the past using Brooks and
Winbery (_Syntax of NT Greek_). Although both of these grammars are
adequate, I have not been truly comfortable with either one as a text
book for second year grammar. Neither present exercises at the end of
each chapter, and in my past experience the typical model has been to
supplement the reading of the Grammar with the translation of a
particular book(s) of the NT. The problem with this approach is that the
students do not get to work on recognition of the particular
grammatical/syntactical issues that are discussed in each chapter. I
found this to be a problem for the student's understadning and retention
of the material.

This year I decided to use Richard Young's book (_Intermediate NT
Greek_). While it is not perfect, I have found it to be a step ahead of
the other two intermediate grammars I am familiar with. Young's book
contains exercises at the end of each chapter that relate to the
specific grammatical issues he addresses in the respective chapters. In
addition, he brings to bear the most current discussion on issues of
grammatical aspect and linguistics, although at times I would disagree
with his conclusions.

Although Young's book would not be an easy text to use for self-study,
it would be as easy as either of the other two Grammars mentioned <IMO>,
and I feel that it would be well worth the effort you put into it.

For what it is worth, this is my opinion. Perhaps others on the list can
be of further help.


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