Re: 2nd year grammar

Michael H. Burer (
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 13:01:05 -0500

Recently this was posted.

"Fellow B-Greekers,
I am just finishing Mounce's BBG and am looking for a good
(2nd year) Greek Grammar. Can any of you provide any recommendations? I
pursuing a self-study course (in my limited spare time), so I am looking
a practical book with good examples."

The best grammar out there for second year studies in my opinion is "Greek
Grammar Beyond the Basics" by Dan Wallace. Zondervan has placed it as a
second year grammar to follow Mounce, so there is good continuity. I had
the privilege of reading and working with a pre-publication draft copy in
Advanced Greek Grammar at Dallas Theological Seminary under Dr. Wallace and
found it to be excellent. There are two major strengths in my thinking
about his grammar. First, he made extensive use of computer tools to
analyze the data and come to conclusions. This provides a solid footing for
many of his assertions. Second, a great deal of the text is biblical
examples and explanations of how the particular syntactical issue under
consideration affects the understanding, interpretation, and theology of
the Biblical text. It is organized very well with a three-tiered scripture
index so it would not be hard to use it by yourself. Also, he gives
extensive bibliographies which reference other standard grammars. I think
it is quite good and would not hesitate to recommend it for personal study
or classroom study.

Michael Burer
Student, Dallas Theological Seminary