Mac vs. Windows / Accordance vs. Gramcord, etc., etc.

Mark B. O'Brien (
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 19:53:00 EST

Let me make one final posting on this subject before quitting this

My initial comments were not intended to stir the hornets (so to speak),
but as usual, one tends to underestimate the different ways in which
people will interpret the tone of the written word (I gotta learn to use
more smileys!). I use a Mac at work, and a Windows machine at home, so I
know the difference. I also used to be a systems engineer for a
technical consulting firm, so I'm not totally ignorant of the technical
issues in question here. I personally prefer the Windows machine, but I
realize that to enter any debate regarding the comparison of these
platforms is close to getting into a discussion regarding evolution! <G>

I do appreciate the comments of Prof. Miller, and a couple of the other
postings, and it has given me some good stuff to wade through and think
about. Some things have been said that I haven't seen said elsewhere, so
although we've spent a lot of bandwidth on this, I think it was helpful.


Mark O'Brien