Readings in 2 Thgess 2:13

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William Dicks wrote:

I read in 2 Thes. 2:13 this morning in UBS3 concerning us being chosen. UBS3
chooses APARCHN (trans ?)(first fruits), but most translations choose AP
ARCH (from the beginning). Which reading is the more correct one?


This is a cae of the evidence MS-evidence (and other ancient evidence)
being mixed, with some strong support for each of the two readings. The
choice of APARCHN rather than AP' ARCHS has been consistent, however, in
most critical editions. In the 4th edition, that choice was upgraded from
a C reading to a B reading. The reasons for choosing APARCHN are spelled
out very nicely by Metzger in his "Textual Commentary".

Edward Hobbs