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Jonathan Robie (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 16:08:15 -0500

At 02:16 PM 12/5/96 -0600, Bruce Baker wrote:
>Hello All!
>I am leaving my normal lurker status for just long enough to ask a question.
>Does anyone have an e-mail address for Stanley Porter? He wrote a rather
large book of Verbal Aspect in the New Testament.

I don't have an email address, but here is his address, fax number, etc:

Porter, Stanley E

name: Porter, Stanley E
home_phone: 011-44-181-241-1638
fax: 011441813923431
address: Roehampton Institute London
Southlands College
Wimbledon Parkside
city_state_zip: London SW19 5NN
societies: AAR SBL APA ASP
Institution: Southlands College

I got this address, incidentally, using the AAR/SBL/ASOR/APA/ASP membership
directory, found at:


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