Re: Is Christ declared to be God in Rom. 9:5!

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At 03:20 PM 12/6/96 EST, Craig Abernethy wrote:
>As a matter of fact, Bruce Metzger nailed the JW's in his article, "The
>Jehovah's Witnesses and Jesus Christ: A Biblical and Theological
>Appraisal," in _Theology Today_ of April 1953. Anyone interested in JW
>biblical "scholarship" is encouraged to read Metzger's account.


In which passage of the Greek New Testament did Bruce Metzger nail the JW's?
If you look at the B-Greek web site,, you will
see the following policy statement:

<start quote>
B-Greek is an electronic conference designed to foster communication
concerning the scholarly study of the Greek Bible. Anyone interested in
studying the Greek New Testament text is invited to subscribe, but the list
will assume at least a working knowledge of Biblical Greek. Those interested
in learning to study the Bible more personally and less exclusively academic
should join the BIBLE list.

Subscription to this conference is open to anyone interested. Members of
this list vary greatly in their knowledge of Greek, theological viewpoints,
and in just about every other way. If you are interested in what the New
Testament or Septuagint says in the original Greek, and if you can
appreciate and learn from people who aren't just like you, then B-Greek is
the place!
<end quote>

Let's stick with discussions of the Greek text, please!

If you don't know why I'm saying this, take a look at the discussion of John
8:58 which occured earlier this year. You can find it at:

After *lots* of messages and very frayed tempers, this discussion was
finally brought to a forcible stop.


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