Re. Acts 1:8 The enclitic particle TE

Paul F. Evans (
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 21:00:49 -0000

To the List,

Carl, thank you for your help with the discussion on Romans 9:5. I am
sorry for scrambling the initial transliteration. The healthy volume of
discussion was, to say the least, illuminating. I am not sure I have
reached a conclusion about the passage! As it was observed, authorities
are lined up on both sides. My deepest thanks to all who contributed.

I have shifted from the above to a consideration of Acts 1:8 (these are
projects for a hermeneutics course I am currently engaged in).

I have come across the particle TE many times before but only have a slight
grasp of its significance. BADG says that it occurs in Acts 150 times, so
it seems to be a somewhat characteristic feature of Luke's work. I do not
own software for a search to view these. There TE is described as providing
a close link between clauses.

In this and other constructions similar to it, is the particle simply
linking what is immediately around it, in this case, the first two
prepostional phrases, hence the common translation both (NASB), or does it
have some force throughout the remaining phrases, linking them as a group
to something else? If it links the first two prep. phrases what type of a
link is it, is it simply matter of geography, since Jerusalem was in Judea?
Is there something particulalry characteristic in the way Luke employs it?
I find these nuances difficult to get the hang of (the mechanical "on the
one hand... on the other..." of the novice was mentioned some days ago) but
a rich source of understanding often.

Even though the question seems "dumb," I am going to let it stand anyway!
The effort may not be worth the reward and this may be a lot of fuss over

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