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At 09:31 PM 12/8/96 -0500, M. Palmer wrote:
>On Sun, 8 Dec 1996 wrote:

>Mari Olsen has made significant advances over the
>work presented in the books listed above. I don't have access to my copy
>of her dissertation right now, so maybe you could ask her directly for
>the title. She makes it clear that while we can talk about the semantics
>of a particular tense form, it is necessary to understand the semantics of
>individual verbs and the way their semantic features influence (modify)
>the semantics of a given tense form in particular contexts. When the
>published form of this book becomes available it will do a great deal to
>advance the discussion of verbal aspect in biblical Greek.

I have two papers she sent me, which may be easier introductions than her
thesis, which someone has now mailed me but has not yet arrived. I've been
very impressed by the papers. They are the first thing I've found that I
understand clearly enough that it still make sense when I try to apply it to

Maybe Mari will summarize here? If not, she runs the risk of having me type
in a few of her tables and some short explanations! But not tonight - my
wife is waiting.


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