Mari Olsen's thesis

Mari Broman Olsen (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 13:21:00 -0500 (EST)

is called "A Semantic and Pragmatic Model of Lexical and Grammatical
Aspect", to be published in June by Garland. I do have a couple
papers I'd be happy to send that might give interested readers the
pieces to the puzzle I attempt to solve for Greek in the thesis:

The semantics and pragmatics of lexical aspect, _Studies in the
Linguistic Sciences_, Fall 1994. [deals with English lexical aspect,
but puts a perspective on Fanning's account of Greek]

The semantics and pragmatics of the Koine Greek "Tense" forms,
Unpublished paper presented at OSU conference on Byzantine and Modern
Greek Studies [I know koine is not Byzantine, but it was of interest
to the organizers to have linguistic perspectives on Greek; Greek
tense forms, basically chapter 6 of the thesis, without lexical

For the thesis you'd have to wait (I am updating it), or ask someone
on the list that has it: I've sent out about 75-100, so I'm sure there
are some gathering dust.


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