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At 07:15 AM 12/10/96 -0500, Mari Broman Olsen wrote:
>Here's a request from the LINGUIST list, which may be of interest to
>b-greek members:
>Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 16:24:17 GMT
>From: Nikos Sarantakos <>
>Subject: Proverbial expressions in Modern Greek
>Dear all,
>I am studying proverbial expressions in Modern Greek.
>A proverbial expression in Modern Greek is: "Tha gelasei kai to
>pardalo katsiki", which may be translated as "Even the multi-coloured
>goat will laugh at it", said about something totally ridiculous.
>Trying to trace the origins of the phrase, I am wondering whether
>there are any parallel forms in other languages.
>Then, another expression, said about very clever and cunning persons,
>as a praise than otherwise, is "Einai diabolou kaltsa", i.e. "He is a
>devil's sock". Does it ring any bells?
>Thanks in advance

Greetings and good wishes of the season to all:

Nikos Sarantakos (and others who are interested) might want to take
a look at _De Proverbia_, an exercise in electronic publishing on the WWW
from a server in Australia which has proverbs from many different cultures
and languages. One of the ways of accessing their material is to search by
topic which Nikos might find helpful in finding matches for the proverbs he
cites from modern Greek.

Supplying any comprehensive Web search engine with the words "de
proverbia" would probably provide a link there. There is also one on my web
site - i believe it's under "Miscelaneous."

David Moore

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