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Mounce's Morphology book basically gives the linguistic
rationale for the way the noun declensions and the verb
conjucations behave.

For example, in his beginning grammar he discusses the
"Square of the Stops" -- the behavior of the 9 consonants p,
b, ph, t, d, th, k, ch, g, and how they change their form
when they come in contact in third declension with the sigma
in the nom sing and dat plural forms. For example, the k+s
= the xi, the d+s = s.

The benefit of his full book on morphology is that you can
understand the linguistic and phonological structure of the
Greek language when you see how this "morphology" behaves.
It makes it much easier to understand the inflectional forms
of the language, and to explain it to students when they are

It is considered an advanced topic and would be either
second or third year Greek class content.

Paul Lorenzen
Instructor of NT Greek
Northern Sierra Bible Institute
Carson City, NV.

Subject: Mounce's Morphology book
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No one has given me any feedback on Mounce's
morphology book yet.....

What does this book do for you?

Bill are you out there?


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