aspect of present tense

12 Dec 96 18:53:03 EST

Fellow Greeks,

Just had a sudden thought about verbal aspect and the present indicative.
The present tense indicative mood can also have past time reference and
future time reference. Remember that time is a complete dimension and
can't be simply pinned down. Let me demonstrate:

"I am a software engineer" uses a present tense indicative verb but
this statement not only refers to my current state, it also refers
to my past state - I was a software engineer yesterday as well -
and my future state - I will be a software engineer tommorrow (Lord
willing) - although I'd like to be a Greek Prof one day!

This statement is also true when I started saying it and when I
finished saying it.

Taking a Biblical example, when Jesus said "I am" it means "I am" and
"I was" and "I will be".

Remember Einstein - time is relative.

Some food for thought....


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