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Sorry...I accidentally sent this to the list owner.

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Samuel Tobias Lachs, A RABBINIC COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, (c) 1987, Ktav Publishing House, has these comments (p. 158-159):

"let me first bury my father." Reminiscent of the call of Elisha, I Kings 19:19-21.

"leave the dead to bury their own dead." Although the burial of the dead is meritorious, especially for a child to bury a parent, the work of the kingdom had absolute priority. The explanation that those who are spiritually dead should bury the deceased among their number is not satisfactory. [SB (Strack and Billerbeck), 1 ad loc. cite, in support of this interpretation, TJ (Palestinian Talmud) Ber. 24c (21) and parallels "that the wicked are called in their lifetime dead and the righteous in their death are called alive." This is not applicable to this passage.] It is best explained by going back to the Aram. original, which suffered in translation. The translator read le'meqbar, "to bury," instead of lemeqaber, "to the burier, to the undertaker!" [F. Perles, "Zwei Ubersetzungsfehler im Text der Evangelien. 1. Mt 8:22 (=Lc 9.60) 2. Lc 14.35," ZNW (Zeitschrift fur die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft) 19 (1919-20): 96, and I. Abrahams, Studies II, pp. 183 ff.]

Perhaps those on this list who read German can expound on what these sources say.

"Eric S. Weiss"