Re: JR & MO vs. the World <grin>

Randy Leedy (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 10:24:20 -0500

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copy I attempted to send had an invalid address.]

Micheal Palmer wrote:

On the issue of JR & MO vs the World, I would like to point out that
there are many more of us (besides JR) who think that Mari is really
onto something.

<remainder snipped>

I need to take post, supportive of Mari's work, as an opportunity to
offer her a public apology for the order in which I put the initials
in the subject line that started this particular thread. The order
raises the question of the sense in which I was giving Jonathan
priority. I did not intend to give him the priority in scholarship
(I'm sure he would be mortified if I did), only in bandwidth on the
list. Since he's been carrying the ball, I addressed him first.

I appreciate the interest with which Mari's work is being viewed by
the scholarly community. I put the <grin> in the subject line to
acknowledge my exaggeration. I look forward to hearing more about the
extent to which her ideas gain acceptance.

Randy Leedy