Re: Article-Article-Noun-Noun

Carlton Winbery (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 15:05:35 -0600

>I'm curious if anyone has some information or references on the construction
>in Greek in which a genitive article and noun is sandwiched between another
>article and noun.
>An example of this would be the righteousness of God in Rom 10:3
> thn tou qeou dikaiosunhv

Kevin, anything that is places between an article and the noun with which
it is used (agrees) modifies the noun (in this case second noun). This
could be another article and word (the genitive case is especially adapted
for this because it naturally modifies). The element introduced between
the article and the noun could also be a prep. phrase (hO EN OURANOIS PATHR
- the Father in heaven), a participle, etc. The element in the middle has
an adjectival or adverbial function.


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