Re: Aspect of Aorist

Don Wilkins (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:40:26 -0500 (EST)

At 3:44 PM 12/12/96, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>At 12:01 PM 12/12/96 PST, Bruce Thacker wrote:
>>This has been an interesting discussion, though for a simple pulpit
>>preacher {Who once taught Greek} it is a little over my head.
>It's a little over my head too...
>>Where is Mari in all the discussion?
>Mari is trying to get some work done, as I understand it. She does jump in
>from time to time.
>>Do Greek teachers and software engineers have too much time on their
>>hands? Maybe that's there are so many on the list? {I guess that's
>Ever wonder why software is always delivered late? The software engineers
>are all spending their time discussing tense and aspect on B-Greek!

There's also another side to that coin, Jonathan. Some Greek teachers like
myself are spending their time writing software (when they aren't on
b-greek) when they should probably be doing conventional publishing to land
a tenure-track job. Most of us are playing hooky (did I spell that
correctly?) in one way or another.

Don W.