Re: Having trouble reading the Greek on this discussion

Jonathan Robie (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 23:12:42 -0500

At 06:41 PM 12/18/96 -0800, Somi Chuhon wrote:
>Do I just need to know the transliterations of the greek fromthe keyboard in
>order to type or read it here on this discussion group or is there a way get
>the font to work so I can see it "in Greek"? I am using Eudora Pro as my
>e-mai program if that helps.


The web site has a table that explains the transliteration. Take a look at:

Of course, not everybody uses exactly the same transliteration. One
possibility: in the future, there may well be fonts that are available for
free and which run on the Mac and Windows. When this happens, I can tell
people how to do font encodings that will show up in the archives on the web
site. I'm reluctant to do that until that time.


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