Re: Off-toic advice sought: looking for a new advisor

Lee R. Martin (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 12:17:53 -0800

> I'm seeking advice, primarily from the profs on this list regarding a
> difficult situation I find myself in. My doctoral advisor is going to
> leave my school and move to a school in Kentucky (and given that I
> support my family as a computer programmer, I'd say Kentucky is out).
> I'm focusing on Luke-Acts, and there's no one else at GTU that is
> interested in Luke-Acts to my knowledge. So I'd appreciate any wisdom
> on the subject of staying where I am even though there's no one in my
> area of interest (nor theological persuasion any more) or going
> somewhere else. What are the consequences of transferrng while in the
> coursework phase? Thanks.

Dear Ken,

If you decide that you want to transfer, The University of South Africa
would be a good choice for an alternative school. They would evaluate
your previous work and place you in-stream at that point. They offer a
one-on-one doctoral program, where you work directly with an advisor
(called a promoter). You could remain where you are, because they have
no residency requirement. You would be required to find a scholar who
would be willing to serve as a co-advisor in the States. The cost is
very low because of the exchange rate. Their tuition of 2,000 Rand per
year equals about $500 at the present time. Their academic year begins
in January, so you have plenty of time to begin in January 1998. You
may write for information at:

University of South Africa
Pretoria 0001
Republic of South Africa

Lee R. Martin
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