Quirinius and censuses

KULIKOVSKY, Andrew (AKULIKOV@baea.com.au)
19 Dec 96 15:11:31 EST

Edward Hobbs wrote:
> The dating is, as Carl says, impossible, even on Luke's own
>If Jesus was born in 6-7 C.E. (when Quirinius was Legatus of Syria),
then how
>could he be "about 30 years of age" soon after John's ministry began,
>is dated as "the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar" -- i.e., 28-29 C.E. A
>little arithmetic wold give 22 years of age. The one date that seems to
>mistaken is the dating of the birth as during the term of office of
>Quirinius, and at the time of a census.

Luke is generally regarded by most scholars as a first class historian
so why would he mess up here?

I take exception to the fact that when there are historical discrepencies
between the Bible and other ancient literature, it is assumed that the
Bible is the one that has it wrong!

It is also possible that Josephus got it wrong!

There is much historical evidence to show that the Roman
census took place every 7 years. The census referred to
by Luke could be an earlier one than the one Josephus
refers to.


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