Re: historically informed interpretation (longish)

Carlton Winbery (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:12:20 +0400

Carl Conrad wrote;
>I rather think that the biblical text MAY be polyvalent in numerous instances
>--that some texts MAY be legitimately interpreted in more than one way, and
>that some texts even seem to cry out for depth and breadth of
>interpretation. This is precisely why we are grateful for the rich
>resources of scriptural interpretation over the centuries left us by simple
>and learned interpreters alike. We study them, I would think, not primarily
>or solely with a view toward finding at last the one correct interpretation
>of a particular text, but because we rather believe that there is far more
>to be learned from any particular text than we have ever learned thus far,
>or to put it in the language of faith: that God may have more to say to us
>through this text than we have yet been able to discern with the best that
>we have been able to bring to bear upon it.
I recall in the Spring of 84 when I preached at the Baptist Church in
Bedford, Eng., they sang a hymn that included the line, "God has so much
more to say." I wish I had made a copy of that hymn.

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