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>>b-greek-digest Thursday, 19 December 1996 Volume 01 : Number 511
>>> IF the star of Bethlehem had some historical background in
>>>the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7/6 BCE, then Mt 2:9 makes
>> Jack Kilmon's dates for the visibility of the conjunction of Jupiter
>>and Saturn in 7 B.C. do check out. A program I have called Skymap has been
>>accurate for me in portraying eclipses of the sun reported in Antiquity back
>>to 1178 B.C. Setting this program to May 29, 7 B.C., I found that the
>>conjunction of the two named planets was visible in Iraq from about 1:30
>>A.M. to dawn. The conjunction was also visible on Oct. 3 and on Dec. 3 of
>>that year. As viewed from Jerusalem, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
>>would have appeared to the south about 10 P.M. on Oct. 3 and about 6 P.M. on
>>Dec. 4. In both cases, over the next hour or two it would have moved some
>>degrees to the west.
>Can anyone give me information about where I can get a copy of Skymap.

If you have World Wide Web access, you can use the URL

They have an evaluation copy at their site which you can download.
If you need other access, contact me by personal e-mail.

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