He who has ears

John M. Moe (John.M.Moe-1@tc.umn.edu)
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 21:56:55 +0000

"let him who has ears, listen" (O EXWN WTA AKOUETW) is a common
saying of Jesus in the Gospels. Mtt. 11:25, 13:9, 43: Mark, 4:9, 23,
7:6; Luke 8:8, 1435. Always in the Gospels it is the present, active,
imparative, third singular. However, in the "Pastoral Epistles of
the Apocalypse," Rev. 2-3, it is the Aorist, third, singular
imparative AKOUSATW. Any comments on what the reason for the change
and the difference in meaning might be?

There is also a change from WTA to OUS. Any thoughts on the
significance of the singular "ear" as oposed to "ears?"

John M. Moe.