Re: Understanding John 3:16

A. Brent Hudson (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 01:32:05 -0000

On the matter of John 3:16, I have wondered for some time what
justification there is for translating the sequence hOUTWS +
indicative as intensive when it is followed by hWSTE +
indicative. I rely mostly on Smyth here since the hOUTWS . . .
hWSTE is often referred to as an Atticism. Smyth's example of
hOUTWS ... hWS, in Xen. H. 4.1.33, supports the claim that
this sequence indicates *manner* not *degree* (there is no
difference between hWS and hWSTE according to Smyth
sec. 2250). Spicq's much quoted article (RB 65 (1958) 358-370)
in support of hOUTWS as indicating degree or 'emotion' does not
offer any evidence for this interpretation (although my French
is quite rusty and I may have missed something). Could someone
PLEASE explain to me why the English translations opt for "God
loved the world *so much*" rather than "God loved the world
*in this way*" when the examples of hOUTWS...hWSTE in Classical
Greek (according to Smyth) support the later.

Brent Hudson
Pastor, Kincardine Baptist Church
Kincardine, ON, Canada