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>I won't go through all the arguments I have with such claims, but will only
point out that--far from
>"fairly well agreed by all"--the matters to which he alludes are the topic
of intense and thoughtful
>critical attention.
>Philosophical problems need not sidetrack us from matters of Greek grammar,
but please don't try to
>shore up one side of a debate by pretending that the other side doesn't
exist (particularly when you
>commend Carl for his advice that we exercise scholarly forebearance).
>Now, let's save bandwidth and argue about nominative absolutes. Or whatever.

Isn't the purpose of discussing Greek grammar to get the interpretation of
the text? And does not our methodology determine significantly how we look
the grammar? But you are right in that perhaps this discussion is getting a
little too "philosophical". I made that mistake once and perhaps I am
making it again. It was the practicality of a method that gave me more
answers to my questions. Besides, I am assuming that these discussions are
stemming from practical experience, not philosophizing. In the end, though,
it is important to be able to atriculate them, don't you think? I am
finding more and more than when we make too many assumptions, we lose
clarity and we begin to misunderstand one another.

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eat when I will finally be with all of you in the end and we can
all let out a big "AHA! It's so simple!" together! :)
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