Re: Meaning & historical information, etc.

Randy Leedy (
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 12:26:03 -0500

Carl Conrad wrote:

I think probably we had best NOT transform b-greek into
b-hermeneutics; I guess we can't avoid getting into this from time to
time, but I think that we've gone far enough to make clear where the
lines are drawn between epistemological stances that are not readily
reconciled with each other. Maybe it's worth while clarifying the
perspectives from which we approach the text--if it's not fairly
obvious. But we're getting beyond and outside of the matters upon
which we agree, and I think it probably would be salutary to return
to questions of grammar and syntax and leave hermeneutics, insofar as
possible, back in the area of hidden or unbroached agendas.

It's nice that, at least once in a while, a Fundamentalist and a
Liberal can agree. There is potentially no end to this discussion, as
Carl and I discovered when we started exploring one another's
theological moorings. In spite of the fact that we could no doubt
learn much from those among us who have thought long and deeply and
read widely on the topic, I share Carl's opinion that we've probably
gone far enough, for the purposes of this list. The thread has
already conveyed enough bibliography on both sides of the issue to
supply those who wish to explore it further with plenty of material
to work on.

I did see a post addressing me directly, but I don't have time right
now to respond, or even to read it carefully; it's time to leave for
a short vacation. I intend to respond off-list next week sometime. A
cursory skimming left me feeling that the disagreements may not be as
sharp as the post portrayed them.

Best holiday wishes to all.

Randy Leedy