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Carlton Winbery (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 14:32:42 +0400

Carl Conrad wrote;
>Let me first note,
>however, that STOIXEIA TOU KOSMOU and KOSMOKRATWR and related expressions
>in Colossians were the subject of a doctoral dissertation at Tulane
>University, about 1956, by my first Greek teacher, Joe Billy McMinn, also a
>one-time colleague of Carlton Winbery at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. I
>imagine that dissertation is available from Ann Arbor--the U.Mich.
>dissertation archives.

McMinn also did a dissertation at N.O. Baptist Theological Seminary on the
Phrygian Religions.

>That dissertation has surely been superseded, as
>there have been exhaustive investigations into the Mystery religions of
>later antiquity from all over Europe at different sites, and those volumes
>have been rolling off the presses, most of them, I think,published by E.J.
>Brill in Leiden. One of the better commentaries with regard to
>Sitz-im-Leben on Colossians is the Semeia commentary by Lohse, published by

I think that series is Hermeneia, but I agree that Lohse's commentary is an
excellent use of background material in exegesis. The footnotes are very

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