Re: Help! On 1 John 3:9
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 16:12:45 -0500

Carleton Winbery wrote:

> Someone at Southwestern (I think maybe Curtis Vaughn or
> one of his students) diagramed all of Philippians (or was that >
Ephesians). I saw it in a prepublication form. It was used in > several
classes there I think.

Curtis Vaughn diagrammed Ephesians in his disseration at Southwestern Baptist
Theological Seminary. I could probably be borrowed through inter-library
loan. I think Loren Cranfield and his students at Southwestern also
diagrammed Galatians. The work may be in Southwestern Library's Scripta
series which is unpublished and may be unloanable. But it cannot hurt to

Mark R. Dunn
Dallas Baptist University
Dallas Christian College