Re: Help! on 1 John 3:9

Eric Weiss (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 07:09:23 -0600

Re: diagramming methods:

Kendell Easley's USER-FRIENDLY GREEK (Broadman & Holman), besides being
an easy-to-understand grammar reference (limited, though), uses a method
of marking the paragraph (thought) flow (kind of like Mounce's phrasing)
which I adapted using an 8-color refillable-lead colored pencil (Pentel
makes the only one I know, but it's not easy to find - about $13) for
marking my GNT. It's not diagramming, but he suggests how to uniquely
mark the structure markers - prepositions, relative pronouns,
subordinate and coordinate conjunctions and the verb forms. I modified
his method thusly:

* finite verbs - dark blue underline
* participles (adv. and adj., including associated defin. art.) - red
* infinitives - green underline
* coordinating conjunctions - light blue vertical slash before word
(this is the most difficult, since some conj. like GAR function as
coord. and subord. conj.'s - Easley only discusses GAR as coord. conj.,
which can leave you mystified on some passages)
* subordinating conjunctions - pink vertical slash before word
* relative pronouns (hOS, hOSTIS) - brown vertical slash before word,
with brown underline of antecedent
* prepositions - orange parenthesis at beginning and end of entire
prepositional phrase
* yellow - highlight significant words

It's not as intricate as diagramming, but it allows you (with no
bleed-through) to so mark your GNT that significant grammatical features
stand out when you read it - zeroing in on the finite verb(s) in a long
string of prepositional phrases and participles helps focus on the main
clause vs. dependent clause(s).

Of course, if you prefer diagramming but have limited carrying room, you
could do like my 2nd-year Greek teacher who has diagrammed many of the
books of the NT with a razor-thin pen and glued the pages (cut to fit)
at the appropriate places into his N-A (26) Greek New Testament - both
standard diagram method and his modification of the SIL semantic
diagramming - which results in his GNT being more than twice as thick as
a new one (leather expands, I guess) and making his NT a most-formidable
looking book!

"Eric S. Weiss"