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Dale M. Wheeler wrote,

(Pardon me if you already got this, but it never showed up on my bgreek
digests, so I thought it might have gone into the the cyber-twilight
zone...) (sure would be nice if you gave your name) asked

>(2) In that regard, I would like recommendations as to literature on
>Diagramming the GNT. I only have Richard P. Belcher; if that's enough,
>then just confirm it for me.

[Fran now]
I just realized that I had chosen the wrong *signature* for the List, and
I thought that my e-mails were giving my name and info. Please accept my

I wish to thank again all of you for the helpful info, and the
bibliography and the rest. I just came back from a week off while
visiting the family, and I am cleaning up my mailbox. I appreciate the
labors of the List-Owner and the people behind the scenes, and above all,
the persons who not only love Greek but also the Greek NT.

Yours by Grace Alone,

Francisco Orozco
Trinity Ministerial Academy Class 1995
Montville NJ USA

Grace RBCh Rocky Mount NC
ouai gar moi estin ean mh euvaggelisomai!