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At 12:47 PM -0600 1/4/97, Jonathan Robie wrote:

>In Carl's last post, he refers to the Elenchus list. What is this

As the narrator in Plato's <italic>Symposium</italic> says in that
opening sentence, "I am not unrehearsed with regard to your question"
(I just answered it in an offlist exchange). Elenchus is a list devoted
to discussion of the early history of Christianity (as opposed to
Ioudaios which generally touches on anything related to Hellenistic
Judaism); it tends to be sort of free-wheeling and loose and it hasn't
been as active in the last year or so as it once was. I think it was
originally established to deal with the early history of the church,
not so much the first-century (but not excluding it) as the
institutional history and patristic stuff. Here's the blurb on how to


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