Many Turnings...

Nichael Cramer (
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 17:34:59 -0500 (EST)

(Aplogies for the somewhat off-the-thread nature of the following.
Still, I thought some might find it interesting...)

A while back someone (EdwardH?) gave a pointer to AudioForum's complete
recordings of The Iliad and of The Odyssey in the original.

For those similarly interested, over the holidays Santa brought me a audio
tape version of Robert Fagle's version of The Odyssey. The version is
complete (12 tapes, ~13h10) and is read by the English actor Ian McKellen.
(Priced somehere in the mid-40s.)

BTW, I also own a companion set of Fagle's Iliad, read by Derek Jacobi.
That version is somewhat abbridged, comprising about 60-70% of the text.


(All told, I would have prefered the translation by Lattimore.
Unfortunately, I've only ever found a single tape, taken from the middle
of Lattimore's Iliad, read by Anthony Quayle. Still, this is a quibble.
This is a very nice set. Certainly my 2-hour commute down to Cambridge
has been much more pleasant the last couple of weeks.)