Reading the LXX (Re: EKAQEUDEN: Is Perseus wrong?)

John Baima (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 15:12:10 -0600

At 03:19 PM 1/11/97 -0500, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>I can't find this word in BAGD. (Does this mean I really need to buy another
>lexicon to read Septuagint?

Absolutely! Although the word in question (KAQEUDW) is a NT word, there are
about 10,000 different words in the LXX which are not in NT lexica. There
are less than 6,000 different words in the NT.

>Or is this the time to consider buying LSJ?


The Perseus morph results means that the word KAQEUDW is KATA + EU(/DW.
While the Perseus morph engine is a wonderful tool, it, like all tools,
esp. computer tools, needs to be used with care!

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