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Jonathan Robie (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 15:16:00 -0500

I don't know of a universal way to send fonts in email. It is possible to make fonts work properly on the web site by using HTML tags. If you are reading this in your email, you can see the tags. If you are reading this on the archive site, you will have to save the file and look at it in ASCII to see the tags. This message will look just a little funny to anybody reading it in email, but if you look at it in the archives, the fonts will come out right for anybody who has the right fonts.

Here is Acts 2:12, using the Greek font that comes with the Gramcord version of Bible Companion Software:

ejxivstanto deV pavnte" kaiV dihpovroun, a[llo" proV" a[llon levgonte": tiv qevlei tou'to ei\nai;

The only problem is that anybody who doesn't have the right font is left standing around wondering what it means. I guess most people have at least the Symbol font, so they should be able to read this on the web site:

AutoV de o IwannhV eicen to enduma autou apo tricwn kamhlou kai zwnhn dermatinhn peri thn osfun autou h de trofh hn autou akrideV kai meli agrion.

But Symbol doesn't support all the characters we need. And I think that it is important not to post things unless everybody can read them, at least on the web site. So we would have to find a font that everybody likes and which is freely available in order to use fonts this way in the archives.

I'm pretty sure that some high-quality fonts will soon be freely available. At that point, we might discuss using them here.


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