Re: Obtaining info. via. email for Liddell-Scott

Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 22:45:28 -0500

Mr. Timothy T. Dickens wrote:
> I few weeks ago I read the discussion going on about obtaining the
>latest edition of Liddell-Scott. Well, I had planned then to tell you what
>I am going to tell you all now. You can contact Oxford University Press
>via. email and receive any information you want about discounts, who is
>entittled to a discount, and anyother information of interest to you. The
>address is:

My problem has not been where to order. Rather they seem to be perpetually
out of stock. The last time I called OUP (a couple of weeks ago) they said
they were out and they "had no idea" when they would get any in.

Are there other reasonable sources? I received CBD "Academic" catalogue
in today's mail and I notice that they listed it for $114. Not as big a
discount, but --assuming _they_ have it in stock-- maybe worth it to avoid
the hassle. (Hmmm I wonder when their next warehouse sale is?)

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